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About us

Being in the Brazilian market for over 70 years, Panambra has participated and keeps participating activelly in the Brazilian process of industrialization, supplying equipment especially for the metal transforming industry, automotive assembly plants, and in the set of institutions aimed to technical-professional education.
Along its trajectory, Panambra has kept faithful to its chosen business line, without losing sight of the technological evolution and the necessity to adapt itself to the growing requirements of the various industrial sectors, striving to supply the market with machines and equipment of international quality standards.
The ability to identify and recognize the specific needs of each customer,  taking into account the diversity of the applications,  budget availabilities, geographical location, and so on, it allows Panambra to offer reliable technical solutions within affordable expenditures.

Panambra concentrates its efforts in 4 main areas of activities:

Wheel alignment and balancing, lifts and ramps, exhaust gases and safety inspection lines, bench for car body repair, machines aimed at the recovering, recycling and replenishing refrigerant gas for A/C systems, among other, constitute its products portfolio.




With strong presence in all Brazilian territory, Panambra excels in supplying permanent technical support to its customers, offering since in house repairs in our laboratory or in the customer facilities, until remote and free assistance, including help over the internet when applicable to the equipment.


Our Mission

Supply the market with machines, instruments and equipment that contribute in a decisive manner to help our customers to reach levels of excellence on their respective productive processes and services they deliver. Also promote and divulge the search for quality, precision and the standardization of methods of procedure.


Our Vision

Ensure our survivability in the long term, adopting practices that at same time allow us to offer affordable prices for our customers and that bring us adequate profitability on sales, combined with financing plans for our customers without jeopardizing Panambra´s financial capability.


Our Principles and Values
We will act always, with everyone, and in any situation, with honesty, professional ethics and social-environmental responsibility.
We will promise only whatever we will be able to accomplish and deliver.
We will not evade our post-sales responsibilities.
We will be permanently in search of novelties, technological advances, and methods of work that may reflect in advantages to the customers.
We will keep work forces necessary and sufficient, motivated and engaged with the mission, principles and work values of Panambra.

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Av. do Estado 5588 - São Paulo - SP